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(සැකිල්ල:Subjects/diagnose subject/doc වෙතින් යළි-යොමු කරන ලදි)

This template diagnoses a problem with a subject page, suggests possible solutions, and provides buttons to implement them. On entry here, it is known that parameter values cannot be automatically extracted from the subject page, but this could be either because the subject page does not exist, or because it does exist but is incorrectly formatted.


There are two required parameters, one of which can be blank.

  • {{{subject}}} — The name of the subject page with which there is a problem.
  • {{{origin}}} — The name of the previously visited subject page, if any, which provided the value for {{{subject}}}; may be blank.

This template uses expensive parser function {{#ifexist:}} to determine whether the subject actually doesn't exist, or is merely misformatted. If it actually doesn't exist, the solution may be to either to correct the page that provided the name {{{subject}}}, or to create the subject page. And if {{{origin}}} is blank, the name {{{subject}}} was provided as a parameter to template {{subject}}, so the page that needs correcting is the book page, {{FULLPAGENAME}}.