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3998595 2021-10-25T22:31:43Z EthanGaming7640 /* You have new messages */ These sentences seem to be incomplete or is missing punctuation.
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3996668 2021-10-18T17:14:39Z EthanGaming7640 /* {{anchor|Module}}Modules */ all of the → all the
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3476733 2018-10-13T15:48:15Z Pi zero prefer "article space", less confusing in this context
3473606 2018-10-01T02:31:38Z Pi zero stacks
3219139 2017-05-15T18:09:54Z ShakespeareFan00
3219127 2017-05-15T17:36:22Z ShakespeareFan00 Good faith - fix up self closing tags
3219125 2017-05-15T17:34:17Z ShakespeareFan00
3066070 2016-03-24T10:10:14Z Pi zero /* {{anchor|Namespace}}Namespaces */
2700210 2014-09-13T21:24:34Z Pi zero [[WB:REVERT|Reverted]] edits by [[Special:Contributions/Bijoybd89|Bijoybd89]] ([[User talk:Bijoybd89|talk]]) to last version by Peter Chastain
2700150 2014-09-13T14:12:40Z Bijoybd89 /* {{anchor|Create}}Creating */
2658931 2014-05-22T13:23:27Z Peter Chastain /* {{anchor|Module}}Modules */ copyedit
2482794 2013-01-29T21:55:07Z Merrillee /* {{anchor|Create}}Creating */ spelling correction-convent changed to convenient
2478246 2013-01-16T04:28:38Z Chrislmorin /* {{anchor|Discuss|Talk page|Talk pages}}Discussing */
2308595 2012-04-18T14:11:25Z Adrignola /* {{anchor|Merge}}Merging */ this isn't a policy page and the wording is confusing; sticking to the scope of this as a help page ([[WB:BOLD]] is a guideline to boot)
2308255 2012-04-17T21:56:55Z Panic2k4 some of the information on the last discussion should be merged (but since I was pointing a Wikibookian here I felt important to correct the Be Bold issue
2308254 2012-04-17T21:54:25Z MarcGarver later => latter
2308239 2012-04-17T21:18:24Z Panic2k4 /* {{anchor|Merge}}Merging */
2019213 2011-01-18T17:26:01Z Adrignola /* {{anchor|Discuss|Talk page|Talk pages}}Discussing */ talk -> discussion
2004793 2010-12-16T18:01:52Z Adrignola clear left after intro; image below intro for consistency with other pages
2001581 2010-12-16T15:22:30Z Adrignola /* Creating */ anchor outside heading pushes below heading rather than at same level
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2001484 2010-12-16T14:28:18Z Darklama /* Creating */ gr
2001482 2010-12-16T14:26:30Z Darklama /* {{anchor|Create}}Creating */ present tense, explain blue links
2001458 2010-12-16T13:36:08Z Adrignola /* {{anchor|Create}}Creating */ typo fix
2001107 2010-12-15T21:12:58Z Adrignola /* {{anchor|Module}}Modules */ consistency
2001102 2010-12-15T21:11:44Z Adrignola Restoring current version.
2001101 2010-12-15T21:11:32Z Adrignola Protected "[[Help:Pages]]": High-impact page ([edit=autoconfirmed] (indefinite) [move=autoconfirmed] (indefinite))
2001099 2010-12-15T21:11:07Z Adrignola moved [[Help:What is a module]] to [[Help:Pages]]: History merge.
2001098 2010-12-15T21:10:36Z Adrignola From [[Help:What is a module]]
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1999880 2010-12-14T00:32:01Z Adrignola /* Where to find talk pages */ updated image
1999870 2010-12-14T00:18:34Z Adrignola /* {{anchor|Namespace}}Namespaces */ updated image
1999868 2010-12-14T00:08:35Z Adrignola updated picture
1999535 2010-12-13T22:02:45Z Adrignola Based on http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?oldid=400598246
1999520 2010-12-13T21:41:59Z Adrignola not recommending moves for archiving
1999516 2010-12-13T21:39:42Z Adrignola /* Archive box */ a note
1999510 2010-12-13T21:35:53Z Adrignola /* Automated archival */ fixed link
1999508 2010-12-13T21:35:35Z Adrignola /* Procedure */ From http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Help:Archiving_a_talk_page&oldid=402197541
1999500 2010-12-13T21:31:28Z Adrignola /* {{anchor|Archive}}Archiving */ formatting
1999499 2010-12-13T21:29:58Z Adrignola Based on http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?oldid=402197541
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1999124 2010-12-13T16:30:00Z Adrignola protection template in header template
1998722 2010-12-13T03:30:59Z Adrignola {{pp-semi-indef}}
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1998177 2010-12-11T23:49:49Z Adrignola From http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Wikipedia:Page_name&oldid=399483874
1998175 2010-12-11T23:40:32Z Adrignola rearrange
1998174 2010-12-11T23:36:18Z Adrignola /* Creating */ additional info
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1997302 2010-12-11T16:24:41Z Adrignola limit toc
1997301 2010-12-11T16:24:19Z Adrignola Based on http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?oldid=401038421
1997278 2010-12-11T15:20:48Z Adrignola /* Deleting */ shortcut
1997273 2010-12-11T15:16:12Z Adrignola wording, headings
1997266 2010-12-11T15:08:57Z Adrignola moved [[Help:Deleting pages]] to [[Help:Pages]]: Merge destination.
1993658 2010-12-08T15:36:59Z Darklama fixed link
1993458 2010-12-08T04:12:55Z Adrignola fixed links
1991621 2010-12-04T19:21:37Z Adrignola {{Wikibooks help}}
1991618 2010-12-04T19:21:05Z Adrignola moved [[Wikibooks:Deleting pages]] to [[Help:Deleting pages]]: Move back; conflicts with [[Wikibooks:Deletion policy]]
1968833 2010-11-09T01:13:34Z Pi zero fix link
1968797 2010-11-08T23:46:07Z Adrignola moved [[Wikibooks:What is a module]] to [[Help:What is a module]] over redirect: Move back.
1967521 2010-11-06T14:13:31Z Adrignola {{useful}}
1967517 2010-11-06T14:13:17Z Adrignola moved [[Help:Deleting pages]] to [[Wikibooks:Deleting pages]]: This page describes conventions for the Wikibooks project and not page deletion in general.
1967224 2010-11-05T22:52:25Z Adrignola moved [[Help:What is a module]] to [[Wikibooks:What is a module]] over redirect: This is Wikibooks specific and not MediaWiki specific.
1829130 2010-06-07T23:37:19Z Adrignola updates
1728977 2010-03-02T11:37:26Z Swift s/delete/rfd/; s/speedy/delete/
1698531 2010-01-17T23:33:18Z Swift Created page with ''''In brief:''' Pages can only be deleted by [[Wikibooks:administrators|]] and community consensus must have been demonstrated. For certain uncontroversial circumstances, users c...'
1573277 2009-07-19T15:27:22Z Adrignola Added category
1572234 2009-07-18T12:14:54Z Kayau
1363489 2008-12-20T19:17:56Z Martin Kraus removed transclusion of Help:Introduction 3
1362977 2008-12-19T16:19:50Z Martin Kraus removed help frame
1343118 2008-11-25T00:38:44Z DavidCary another two sentences describing what it *is*, before launching into a description of what it is *not*.
585426 2006-09-16T08:38:40Z SBJohnny update category definition (not rare on wikibooks)
552695 2006-08-09T00:42:52Z Cannona updated naming conventions link to naming policy; the old one was no longer valid.
534809 2006-07-25T03:51:09Z Mxn +vi:
530000 2006-07-20T17:49:39Z Hagindaz [[Help:What is a Pelican Shit]] moved to [[Help:What is a module]]
529975 2006-07-20T17:46:31Z Hagindaz Reverted edit of [[Special:Contributions/Nonny1ad|Nonny1ad]], changed back to last version by Kernigh
529957 2006-07-20T17:34:06Z Nonny1ad
529955 2006-07-20T17:33:20Z Nonny1ad [[Help:What is a module]] moved to [[Help:What is a Pelican Shit]]: reverting vandalism
482249 2006-06-10T02:44:04Z Kernigh Chaining help pages...
452004 2006-05-08T16:24:29Z Jguk [[Wikibooks:What is a module]] moved to [[Help:What is a module]]: this belongs in the help namespace
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47267 2004-08-07T03:55:05Z SamE creation (copy over from Wikipedia, change a few things)
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