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4053159 2022-04-29T16:32:57Z ShakespeareFan00
4041338 2022-03-21T14:48:33Z Leonel Sohns Change due to design guidelines Wikimedia Foundation, with OOUI.
3996763 2021-10-18T22:24:27Z EthanGaming7640 /* {{anchor|File page}}File pages */
3996760 2021-10-18T22:23:14Z EthanGaming7640 /* {{anchor|Uploading}}Uploading files */
3822714 2021-03-31T07:59:34Z ShakespeareFan00 Stray content. Was this supposed to be an extended explanation of acceptable attribution lines?
3694488 2020-05-29T21:18:57Z Mrjulesd {{Wikibooks editor navigation}}
3535031 2019-04-04T15:10:04Z CommonsDelinker Replacing Wikipedesketch1.png with [[File:Wikipedesketch.png]] (by [[:c:User:CommonsDelinker|CommonsDelinker]] because: [[:c:COM:FR|File renamed]]: [[:c:COM:FR#FR6|Criterion 6]] (maintenance or bug fix)).
3479089 2018-10-21T10:07:46Z WOSlinker div instead of span
3479088 2018-10-21T10:03:06Z WOSlinker fix code tag
3432032 2018-05-27T20:16:31Z Panic2k4 /* {{anchor|File page}}File pages */
3432031 2018-05-27T20:15:48Z Panic2k4 /* {{anchor|File page}}File pages */
3431856 2018-05-27T08:22:39Z Túrelio ([[c:GR|GR]]) [[c:COM:Duplicate|Duplicate]]: [[File:CrystalClearInfoIcon.png]] → [[File:Crystal Project Documentinfo.png]] Exact or scaled-down duplicate: [[c::File:Crystal Project Documentinfo.png]]
2000536 2010-12-15T03:42:17Z Adrignola limit toc
2000163 2010-12-14T16:15:39Z Adrignola /* {{anchor|Uploading}}Uploading files */ shortcut
1999122 2010-12-13T16:29:13Z Adrignola protection template in header template
1998728 2010-12-13T03:34:12Z Adrignola formatting
1998726 2010-12-13T03:32:28Z Adrignola {{pp-semi-indef}}
1998725 2010-12-13T03:31:47Z Adrignola Protected "[[Help:Files]]": High-impact page ([edit=autoconfirmed] (indefinite) [move=autoconfirmed] (indefinite))
1996953 2010-12-10T20:38:05Z Adrignola fixed link
1996225 2010-12-10T00:07:20Z Adrignola /* Forcing a break */ based on http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?oldid=401533874
1996026 2010-12-09T22:12:41Z Adrignola /* DjVu and PDF files */ from http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?oldid=401491097
1995743 2010-12-09T20:57:37Z Adrignola /* DjVu and PDF files */ from http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?oldid=401491097
1995475 2010-12-09T19:16:58Z Adrignola limit toc
1995474 2010-12-09T19:16:20Z Adrignola /* Using files */ Based on http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?oldid=401491097 (more to come)
1995423 2010-12-09T18:09:59Z Adrignola /* Uploading files */ anchor
1995364 2010-12-09T17:33:46Z Adrignola /* Using files */ working on this
1995361 2010-12-09T17:24:38Z Adrignola /* Uploading files */ missed some steps
1995360 2010-12-09T17:22:02Z Adrignola /* Uploading files */ non-free use rationale template information
1995349 2010-12-09T16:56:27Z Adrignola /* File pages */ based on http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?oldid=401469689
1995321 2010-12-09T16:35:48Z Adrignola Restoring current version.
1995318 2010-12-09T16:35:22Z Adrignola moved [[Help:Uploading files]] to [[Help:Files]]: History merge.
1995303 2010-12-09T16:18:52Z Adrignola Portions from [[Help:Uploading files]] rest of content in this edit based on http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?oldid=394636379
1967050 2010-11-05T19:39:08Z Adrignola {{Wikibooks help}}
1828465 2010-06-07T14:59:15Z Adrignola /* Copyright issues */ fixed shortcut
1701877 2010-01-21T12:58:30Z Adrignola /* Upload the file */ correct
1483861 2009-04-28T04:50:45Z Swift images to files
1447864 2009-03-21T15:16:37Z Swift moved [[Help:Uploading Images]] to [[Help:Uploading files]]: Not just images...
1419973 2009-02-20T04:14:48Z Mike.lifeguard ahem
1417638 2009-02-18T12:48:28Z Swift Updated and reworded.
1249154 2008-08-10T21:49:04Z ViperSnake151 /* Upload to English Wikibooks */
1217536 2008-06-23T17:08:15Z Darklama /* Uploading Images */ merged upload to common sections, and few more updates
1217521 2008-06-23T16:12:54Z Darklama cleaned and updated some to put it more in line with current policy
1175244 2008-04-29T20:56:19Z Whiteknight
1147258 2008-03-26T02:25:59Z Mike.lifeguard /* Intro */ {{useful}}
1041514 2007-11-30T20:46:59Z Mike.lifeguard /* Image deletions */ +shortcut
1025938 2007-11-09T12:57:03Z Darklama corrected template names
1001174 2007-10-12T15:41:15Z Panic2k4 {{proposed}}
995882 2007-10-07T15:44:17Z Darklama +help cat
995880 2007-10-07T15:43:29Z Darklama some minor tweaks
995872 2007-10-07T15:35:11Z Darklama [[Wikibooks:Image use policy]] moved to [[Help:Uploading Images]]: more informative help than a proposed policy
976026 2007-09-21T17:28:55Z Darklama /* Image deletion policy */ example
972957 2007-09-19T19:03:06Z Arjen Dijksman /* Image upload policy */ adding 'is'
863125 2007-05-14T00:26:31Z Chridd /* Copyright violations */ fix formatting
756520 2007-02-16T01:27:14Z Whiteknight /* Upload an image to English Wikibooks */ removed note about fair use
756519 2007-02-16T01:26:32Z Whiteknight /* Acceptable licenses */ removed note about allowing fair use
732397 2007-01-25T22:16:35Z Whiteknight minor changes, spelling, grammar, etc
643778 2006-11-08T17:30:53Z Darklama /* Move an image from other project to Commons */ read easier
643761 2006-11-08T17:08:55Z Herbythyme /* Move an image from other project to Commons */ reads better?
642930 2006-11-08T16:25:39Z Whiteknight /* File types */ actually, decided to remove that last addition
642929 2006-11-08T16:24:43Z Whiteknight /* File types */ info on other types (non-image)
641823 2006-11-08T05:04:35Z Darklama /* Image upload policy */ try and encorperate common practise
563441 2006-08-21T19:15:10Z Whiteknight [[WHEEEEEEEEEE!!! WHEEEEEE!!!! PENIS!!]] moved to [[Wikibooks:Image use policy]]: revert
563351 2006-08-21T18:58:42Z Ener G [[Wikibooks:Image use policy]] moved to [[WHEEEEEEEEEE!!! WHEEEEEE!!!! PENIS!!]]: FUCK OFF CURPS, JAKE REMINGTON WON!
498245 2006-06-24T14:10:01Z MichaelFrey /* Image deletion policy */ Not correct syntax
434751 2006-04-21T20:22:57Z Derbeth /* Image upload policy */ encourage people to use images from Commons
427050 2006-04-13T08:52:44Z Derbeth we prefer CC to GFDL, do not upload images from Wikipedia here, added copyvio section, mentioned punishments
426347 2006-04-12T22:30:39Z Kernigh Defer to [[WB:FUP]] concerning fair use; allow image deletions through [[Template:No license]].
354579 2006-02-03T22:21:45Z Kernigh replaced the image use policy with something that seems consistent with [[Special:Upload]]; mention fair use, NowCommons... NOTE: removing Wikipedia-derived text, adding Commons-derived text
354530 2006-02-03T20:10:41Z Kernigh linking old revision of Wikipedia policy that was used to make this page
324899 2006-01-02T00:12:42Z Kernigh credit Wikipedia (as there is already such credit in the edit history summaries)
324892 2006-01-02T00:04:38Z Kernigh Remove wikicode instructions for images; refer instead to help page
305304 2005-12-11T05:16:42Z Vault /* Related topics */ despam
305171 2005-12-11T01:45:35Z
278469 2005-11-10T23:10:26Z Derbeth /* Copyright */ link fix
208063 2005-08-08T20:42:39Z Cspurrier fix wikipedia links
190920 2005-07-17T21:28:04Z Risk Reverted to Aya's last edit. Advertising by
190902 2005-07-17T20:49:36Z
187121 2005-07-11T17:33:20Z Aya
152499 2004-10-27T23:02:55Z DavidCary What's the correct URI ?
61722 2004-09-25T23:48:23Z Flonejek Added formatting stuff from wikipedia, slightly altered
56107 2004-08-24T00:36:26Z Jackg Fixed links, e.g. "JPEG" points to Wikipedia:JPEG instead of a blank Wikibooks page
50054 2004-08-22T02:40:03Z Link to "Wikipedia:Picture tutorial" inserted
49831 2004-04-14T15:36:01Z Furrykef typo?
25540 2004-04-14T15:31:32Z Furrykef typo
25538 2003-08-01T01:36:45Z Maveric149 adapted from en.wiki
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