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4082188 2022-07-03T12:06:26Z JackPotte Per talk page
2311856 2012-04-24T11:43:54Z MarcGarver "." to ","
2020480 2011-01-22T04:15:37Z Pi zero reword; see talk
2019342 2011-01-18T23:48:37Z Pi zero per talk (with a tiny tweak, which I'll note on talk)
2018633 2011-01-17T17:05:05Z Adrignola using old wording as mentioned on talk until better wording can be found
2018481 2011-01-17T04:45:50Z Adrignola per talk
1999377 2010-12-13T20:12:48Z Adrignola portable links; grammar; reduce size with feedback on left
1999376 2010-12-13T20:12:30Z Adrignola portable links; grammar; reduce size with feedback on left
1999373 2010-12-13T20:06:04Z Adrignola fixed link
1996375 2010-12-10T05:23:20Z Adrignola adjusted heading colors and borders; show/hide links with new layout could not be seen easily by people unaware they can collapse
1996012 2010-12-09T21:53:13Z Darklama used collapsible boxes, and reworded some
1993607 2010-12-08T14:36:16Z Adrignola fixed links
1993371 2010-12-07T23:58:04Z Adrignola fixed link
1892098 2010-07-16T21:30:55Z Adrignola Protected "[[Template:Bigwelcome]]": High-impact page: Sensitive to changes; used quite often ([edit=sysop] (indefinite) [move=sysop] (indefinite))
1892097 2010-07-16T21:29:48Z Adrignola wording
1889160 2010-07-14T19:02:12Z Adrignola fixed link to template
1862032 2010-06-27T20:26:31Z Adrignola safesubst
1858831 2010-06-26T00:38:17Z Adrignola link= on images
1820948 2010-06-05T02:56:10Z Adrignola tweak signature punctuation
1719051 2010-02-13T13:13:39Z Adrignola typo fix
1711127 2010-02-02T20:02:55Z Adrignola fixed links
1711126 2010-02-02T20:02:23Z Adrignola Tweak file upload text
1681010 2009-12-15T19:56:42Z
1660134 2009-11-18T04:16:00Z Adrignola fixed links
1577668 2009-07-23T19:23:17Z Jomegat /* Plug [[Using WIkibooks]] as an alternative to the help pages */
1457776 2009-04-02T13:06:33Z DavidCary move "page name" item so it is next to the other "page name" item.
1414170 2009-02-17T07:02:12Z Swift table -> divs
1414168 2009-02-17T06:49:45Z Swift markup fix
1398619 2009-02-06T20:00:34Z Mike.lifeguard sort-of match the logo's colour scheme... not sure if I like it or not
1398213 2009-02-06T08:58:27Z Swift comma
1398194 2009-02-06T08:34:45Z Swift highlighting the [[Help:Contents]] link
1398190 2009-02-06T08:30:53Z Swift copyedit, update links, rm [[WB:TM]]+[[WB:PROJECTS]] note as it doesn't seem to gather much attention. Added a link to [[Help:Contents]]. Added a note on edit summaries and previews.
1343885 2008-11-25T18:57:40Z Mike.lifeguard adjusting column size
1340985 2008-11-22T21:25:29Z Mike.lifeguard +reverts
1340982 2008-11-22T21:24:18Z Mike.lifeguard a bit more detail
1339692 2008-11-21T20:18:03Z Mike.lifeguard Reverted edits by [[Special:Contributions/MrIPAddress|MrIPAddress]] ([[User talk:MrIPAddress|Talk]]) to last version by [[User:Mike.lifeguard|Mike.lifeguard]]
1339528 2008-11-21T16:03:50Z MrIPAddress
1337723 2008-11-18T19:59:59Z MrIPAddress I do. That's why I'm introducing it.
1336726 2008-11-17T23:28:01Z Mike.lifeguard Not really a good idea, since we don't monitor that /at all/
1334515 2008-11-16T14:25:53Z MrIPAddress
1334512 2008-11-16T14:22:49Z MrIPAddress generally comes at the top
1326199 2008-11-07T00:03:02Z Mike.lifeguard Undo revision 1326198 by [[Special:Contributions/Mike.lifeguard|Mike.lifeguard]] ([[User talk:Mike.lifeguard|Talk]])
1326198 2008-11-07T00:02:48Z Mike.lifeguard
1326196 2008-11-07T00:02:13Z Mike.lifeguard /doc
1326195 2008-11-07T00:01:40Z Mike.lifeguard note to top
1284787 2008-09-22T13:07:20Z Whiteknight a few small changes, added info about autoconfirmed users being allowed to upload images. Tried to make it more clear that help is always available.
1189889 2008-05-20T21:37:00Z Mike.lifeguard subst:
1161640 2008-04-10T01:30:47Z Mike.lifeguard div only when 1 given
1161638 2008-04-10T01:30:05Z Mike.lifeguard
1159124 2008-04-07T21:13:30Z Mike.lifeguard enhance w/ parserfunction
1157400 2008-04-05T23:21:54Z Mike.lifeguard re-arrange
1156236 2008-04-04T11:34:36Z Neoptolemus add parameter to allow internal sign.
1153876 2008-04-02T01:38:56Z Mike.lifeguard link to Wikibooks:Welcome
1153855 2008-04-02T00:54:08Z Mike.lifeguard
1153039 2008-04-01T05:37:59Z Mike.lifeguard
1153038 2008-04-01T05:36:04Z Mike.lifeguard sp
1153036 2008-04-01T05:30:20Z Mike.lifeguard based on [[commons:Template:Welcome]]
"https://si.wikibooks.org/w/index.php?title=සැකිල්ල:Bigwelcome/edithistory&oldid=15656" වෙතින් සම්ප්‍රවේශනය කෙරිණි