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1780283 2009-06-26T16:58:28Z Rambo's Revenge [[WP:UNDO|Undid]] revision 297913616 by [[Special:Contributions/Smith609|Smith609]] ([[User talk:Smith609|talk]]), this seems to have broken it
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1780282 2009-06-22T13:44:44Z Smith609 Fix episodelink hack?
1780281 2009-06-05T13:50:44Z Smith609 temporary fix for episodelink until [[Template:Link]] is updated
1780280 2009-06-05T01:41:08Z Huntster Full revert; screw it, not worth the headache.
1780279 2009-06-05T01:39:17Z Huntster Revert; meta template is somehow interfering.
1780278 2009-06-05T01:17:12Z Huntster Fix.
1780277 2009-06-05T01:10:11Z Huntster Proper support for URL and Episodelink.
1780276 2009-06-05T01:01:42Z Huntster Fix code to properly display season, seriesno, and number.
1780275 2009-05-31T22:29:06Z Huntster Rm redundant instance of "number".
1780274 2009-05-31T14:51:04Z Smith609 Restore documentation
1780273 2009-05-31T14:48:13Z Smith609 Restore support for season, seriesno and number parameters, per talk page.
1780272 2009-05-25T22:41:47Z Smith609 Update to use [[Template:Citation/core]], as per talk page
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1780269 2009-02-16T11:00:04Z MacGyverMagic TFD nomination
1780268 2008-12-20T21:31:57Z Sandstein fixing bracket error per talk request
1780267 2008-12-13T07:49:41Z Matthewedwards /* Lede Section */ unlinking accessdates, too
1780266 2008-12-13T07:45:04Z MZMcBride user request
1780265 2008-06-19T21:16:38Z Happy-melon add seriesno, per editprotected
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1780256 2007-12-09T02:31:58Z [[WP:AES|←]]Replaced page with 'i farted'
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1780254 2007-11-19T00:21:36Z RossPatterson Put the TfD back, but don't transclude it.
1780253 2007-11-19T00:19:15Z Scorpion0422 I hate to remove TFDs, but it's destroying the reference sections of many articles
1780252 2007-11-18T21:49:22Z imported>Justa Punk
1780251 2007-11-18T06:15:30Z imported>Maelgwnbot Bot Updating template fields, {{tl|Template doc}}
1780250 2007-10-04T11:01:20Z CBDunkerson Restore - without test values that I apparently forgot to remove.
1780249 2007-10-04T00:19:19Z imported>Brian Olsen Undoing recent changes - they don't seem to work, and the last change just added "Event occurs at Noon. Fred." to the end of the template....
1780248 2007-10-03T16:23:27Z CBDunkerson Fix implementation of 'time' and 'quote' related parameters
1780247 2007-10-02T22:07:36Z Fabartus nesting error -- my bad-- missing end braces
1780246 2007-10-02T21:52:50Z Fabartus Add time and quote fields same as {cite video} which is other possible template for broadcast uses. What kind of reference does NOT have capability of citing a quote? Yikes!
1780245 2007-09-21T13:27:19Z imported>Carre Allow url parameter to be used when series is specified
1780244 2007-09-21T12:21:52Z imported>Carre close italics on use of url
1780243 2007-09-13T06:27:43Z EncMstr self revert; was misusing "minutes" thinking it was the total run time
1780242 2007-09-13T06:26:43Z EncMstr removed weird "in" from "{{minutes}} minutes in."
1780241 2007-09-04T02:46:27Z imported>Brian Olsen Correcting "titlelink" to "episodelink"
947281 2007-08-21T05:39:56Z Chowbok
947278 2007-08-21T05:36:34Z Chowbok I hope this works
947274 2007-08-21T05:29:03Z Chowbok Importing from Wikipedia
1780240 2007-08-04T01:41:18Z SMcCandlish Std. [[Template:Template doc]].
1780239 2007-08-03T20:37:41Z Jeffq moved period/stop outside episode quotation marks per long-standing [[WP:MOS]] "logical quotation" system
1780238 2007-07-03T19:27:15Z Dispenser Moved cats & iw to /doc
1780237 2007-06-13T11:35:37Z Kanabekobaton
1780236 2007-06-13T11:12:20Z imported>DorganBot robot Adding: [[hu:Sablon:Epizód hivatkozás]]
1780235 2007-05-20T21:57:22Z Edgarde oh god Sorry everyone
1780234 2007-05-20T21:48:47Z Edgarde test: {{uw-npa2}}
1780233 2007-05-17T06:40:50Z Dream out loud fixed punctuation
1780232 2007-05-03T17:18:30Z Edgarde Reverted 1 edit by [[Special:Contributions/Edgarde|Edgarde]] to last revision by [[User:Ruud Koot|Ruud Koot]]. using [[WP:TWINKLE|TW]]
1780231 2007-05-03T17:15:58Z Edgarde adding a quote parameter
1780230 2007-04-24T00:55:19Z Ruud Koot {{{url}}}
1780229 2007-04-24T00:55:00Z Ruud Koot {{{url}}}
1780228 2007-03-14T15:47:14Z Dvandersluis Fix; transcripturl rather than transcript in the link wikitext -- sorry
1780227 2007-03-14T15:46:19Z Dvandersluis modified so transcript is not necessary if transcripturl is given
1780226 2007-03-14T15:45:20Z Dvandersluis added transcript and transcripturl variables
1780225 2007-02-20T17:39:40Z Circeus fix brackets
1780224 2007-02-19T23:10:14Z Circeus +began-ended
1780223 2007-01-12T16:18:12Z Conti MoS.
1780222 2006-12-10T19:37:13Z Bryan Derksen add episode number, season, and minutes fields
1780221 2006-08-21T11:57:55Z Ligulem transclude doc from {{/doc}}. See [[Wikipedia:Template limits]]
1780220 2006-06-18T01:34:48Z Wknight94 /* Description */ Copyedit
1780219 2006-06-12T21:38:49Z imported>RenamedUser2 copy documentation to noinclude section
1780218 2006-05-05T02:57:43Z TheFarix I can't believe I missed that.
1780217 2006-05-05T02:50:50Z TheFarix format; changing from custom format to MLA
1780216 2006-04-18T22:30:32Z Ligulem qif -> #if: using [[Wikipedia:AutoWikiBrowser|AWB]]
1780215 2006-03-10T02:24:02Z Bryan Derksen   is a _non-breaking_ space, which is not the same as an ordinary space. It will make line-wrapping a lot messier.
1780214 2006-03-10T01:32:59Z Jeffq chg'd series, episode title fmt per WP:MOS; chg'd cryptic Unicode # chrs to std HTML spec chr
1780213 2006-03-10T01:25:55Z Jeffq replaced blank template w/ less C-code-like version in use for other cite templates; episode->title
1780212 2006-03-08T07:45:50Z Bryan Derksen
1780211 2006-03-08T03:40:24Z Bryan Derksen
1780210 2006-03-08T03:39:41Z Bryan Derksen add writers field
1780209 2006-03-07T07:53:19Z Bryan Derksen changing "episode" field to "title", to match the other cite templates. I will now go through and fix all the usages I just broke with this.
1780208 2006-03-06T02:27:17Z Bryan Derksen match format common to other cite pages
1780207 2006-03-05T06:29:25Z Bryan Derksen
1780206 2006-03-04T02:52:56Z Bryan Derksen a note in case there aren't articles about specific episodes but rather just sections in some big list
1780205 2006-03-04T02:34:08Z Bryan Derksen
1780204 2006-03-04T02:27:29Z Bryan Derksen add minutes to the template for citing specific events
1780203 2006-03-04T01:36:54Z Bryan Derksen whoops, missed some brackets. Note to self: don't test templates by using the name of the field as a test value for the field. :)
1780202 2006-03-04T01:31:09Z Bryan Derksen fix a typo, add an empty full version for copying and pasting
1780201 2006-03-04T01:23:15Z Bryan Derksen fix formatting
1780200 2006-03-04T01:23:01Z Bryan Derksen create a basic citation template for television episodes. I'm new at this type of template, so other editors are quite welcome to tinker or direct me to a general page discussing these things.
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