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සැකිල්ල:No license/edithistory

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1995340 2010-12-09T16:44:02Z Adrignola fixed link
1870289 2010-07-01T00:35:06Z Adrignola change includeonly category
1869869 2010-06-30T18:39:38Z Adrignola {{documentation}}
1775678 2010-04-25T20:43:29Z Darklama clarify for simplicity
1774457 2010-04-25T16:06:51Z Adrignola link= on image
1772705 2010-04-24T17:03:53Z Adrignola spacing
1772703 2010-04-24T17:02:51Z Adrignola fixed type
1549489 2009-06-27T03:22:53Z Adrignola recat
1424179 2009-02-23T06:04:00Z Swift [[Category:Copyright violations]] -> [[Category:Images with unknown copyright status]] (no license doesn't mean copyvio)
1418626 2009-02-19T04:06:28Z Swift See [[Help:Uploading Images]] for more.
1413520 2009-02-16T17:21:53Z Darklama fix
1413514 2009-02-16T17:10:33Z Darklama no license isn't suppose to be subst'ed just nld
1413466 2009-02-16T15:56:22Z Darklama using one category for both pages and media that might be copyright violations
1397208 2009-02-04T22:34:14Z Mike.lifeguard on one line
1397194 2009-02-04T22:20:26Z Mike.lifeguard use file
1223962 2008-07-05T17:41:24Z Mike.lifeguard spacing
1218311 2008-06-24T20:27:43Z Mike.lifeguard Protected "[[Template:No license]]" [edit=sysop:move=sysop]
1218310 2008-06-24T20:27:35Z Mike.lifeguard use icon_no_license.svg
1218294 2008-06-24T20:17:46Z ViperSnake151
1218290 2008-06-24T20:15:32Z Mike.lifeguard Unprotected "[[Template:No license]]": to update
1188953 2008-05-19T20:15:18Z Darklama rewording
1166566 2008-04-16T17:20:24Z Darklama recat template itself
1132517 2008-03-07T17:34:48Z Mike.lifeguard unacceptable licenses are covered by {{subst:bfu}}
1120312 2008-02-21T12:11:07Z Derbeth removing {{click}}
986507 2007-09-28T19:14:33Z Darklama +noinclude cat
976024 2007-09-21T17:26:19Z Darklama switch cat after 7 days
975835 2007-09-21T15:44:19Z Darklama mv sig inside subst
975732 2007-09-21T15:01:34Z Darklama using space instead of ::::
975626 2007-09-21T14:11:48Z Mike.lifeguard will look better with new {{image copyright}}
975230 2007-09-21T02:42:46Z Mike.lifeguard try linebreak like this
974708 2007-09-21T00:06:43Z Mike.lifeguard implement tlxs
970858 2007-09-17T22:41:01Z Whiteknight changing wording to include images without license, and without a suitable license.
970260 2007-09-17T07:58:24Z Derbeth code fix
968570 2007-09-15T00:22:42Z Mike.lifeguard wrong place
968569 2007-09-15T00:21:57Z Mike.lifeguard re-add line break for easy copy-paste
968566 2007-09-14T23:50:04Z Darklama mv usage into noinclude section. reworded some and use copyright link more appliable to images
968435 2007-09-14T20:01:11Z Mike.lifeguard try a line break this way
954852 2007-08-31T01:21:25Z Mike.lifeguard add subst: for applying the template
937833 2007-08-06T18:12:34Z Whiteknight Protected "[[Template:No license]]": this thing is important, might as well protect it to prevent vandalism. no reason why most people would want to change this anyway [edit=sysop:move=sysop]
937832 2007-08-06T18:12:04Z Whiteknight fixing colors for skins
937794 2007-08-06T17:14:32Z Mike.lifeguard with the line break it's easier to copy and paste the text generated on that line
897561 2007-06-15T08:47:39Z Iamunknown making this both a license and a source warning template
858194 2007-05-09T19:18:19Z Derbeth font, typo
833574 2007-04-16T23:23:10Z Undo revision 833572 by [[Special:Contributions/James Musheno|James Musheno]] ([[User talk:James Musheno|Talk]])
833572 2007-04-16T23:21:45Z James Musheno Changed icon and word
779957 2007-03-09T14:09:32Z Darklama minor change to only categorize if within Image namespace
779519 2007-03-09T00:23:02Z Darklama fixed time format
765494 2007-02-24T18:22:51Z Darklama +no license icon and change wording a little bit
426356 2006-04-12T22:37:48Z Kernigh Improve the message; in particular we do not have separate per-day categories.
392201 2006-03-08T10:10:19Z Derbeth changed to form from en.wiki
357917 2006-02-08T05:53:24Z
323187 2005-12-30T20:37:04Z Kernigh bypass redirect
323186 2005-12-30T20:35:24Z Kernigh I use this template {{no license}} regardless of whether the image provides information about its source.
275829 2005-11-08T08:40:38Z Derbeth instruction how to fix
273978 2005-11-05T22:33:41Z Derbeth from wikipedia
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