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සැකිල්ල:Non-free stamp/edithistory

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1871219 2010-07-01T14:54:37Z Adrignola 33 revisions from [[:w:Template:Non-free stamp]]
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1871217 2009-02-01T15:45:56Z Ww2censor Reverted 1 edit by [[Special:Contributions/Inwind|Inwind]]; This is not a agreed chnage to this template - needs discussion. ([[WP:TW|TW]])
1871216 2009-01-31T21:10:43Z Inwind added critical discussion (see [[Wikipedia talk:Non-free content#Stamps]]
1871215 2008-12-12T01:36:26Z copyright is held, not owned
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1871203 2007-08-03T17:01:50Z DStoykov bg:
1871202 2007-04-17T23:16:07Z Cyde moved [[Template:Stamp]] to [[Template:Non-free stamp]]: To conform with the new Non-free content guidelines.
1871201 2007-04-16T06:21:05Z Gmaxwell +{{Non-free media}} and link
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1871192 2006-01-26T04:25:13Z Mdd4696 Added [[Category:Image copyright templates]]
1871191 2005-12-17T01:55:47Z Admrboltz +GNU commons image
1871190 2005-10-02T15:58:47Z imported>JYolkowski +clear:both to avoid clobbering metadata table
1871189 2005-09-24T22:08:33Z make it look more like other fair use templates
1871188 2005-09-14T02:57:07Z Stan Shebs clarify that this template is also used for stamps whose copyright status is uncertain
1871187 2005-09-14T01:19:50Z imported>JYolkowski reword per [[WP:WPFU]]
1871186 2004-12-26T14:34:44Z Stan Shebs new template for stamps of uncertain status
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