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සැකිල්ල:Previous edit history/edithistory

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oldid date/time username edit summary
2561133 2013-09-26T22:46:19Z Mark Otaris correct typo
1770783 2010-04-23T13:00:41Z Adrignola fixed type parameter
1489663 2009-05-03T19:24:32Z Adrignola Fixed grammar.
1218169 2008-06-24T18:35:09Z ViperSnake151
972942 2007-09-19T18:56:04Z Darklama rm extra ]
972939 2007-09-19T18:55:05Z Darklama using mbox and reworded
669899 2006-12-02T12:21:50Z Herbythyme +cat
337007 2006-01-14T20:52:31Z Kernigh "incorrect" might be too harsh for some users
322164 2005-12-29T21:35:56Z Kernigh new template to mark pages that were moved incorrectly
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