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oldid date/time username edit summary
3125178 2016-09-24T22:26:40Z JackPotte
1999504 2010-12-13T21:33:07Z Adrignola fixed link
1891263 2010-07-16T03:40:07Z Adrignola Protected "[[Template:Talk archive]]": High-impact page ([edit=sysop] (indefinite) [move=sysop] (indefinite))
1891253 2010-07-16T03:33:49Z Adrignola update; category not needed; use [[Special:PrefixIndex]]
1891222 2010-07-16T03:31:53Z Adrignola 87 revisions from [[:w:Template:Talk archive]]: History merge/update
1890442 2010-07-16T01:10:08Z Adrignola moved [[Template:Talkarchive]] to [[Template:Talk archive]]: Better naming.
1891221 2010-05-03T16:09:06Z Rich Farmbrough Rm noeditsection - kills copying stuff from archive pages.
1772670 2010-04-24T16:25:49Z Adrignola msg -> text parameter, tmbox for talk pages
1768323 2010-04-22T03:34:24Z Adrignola recat
1891220 2010-04-04T12:18:54Z MSGJ moved [[Template:Talkarchive]] to [[Template:Talk archive]] over redirect: add space
1664314 2009-11-24T14:17:28Z Adrignola +category
1891219 2009-05-11T23:15:51Z TheDJ __NONEWSECTIONLINK__ (why would we invite to add to archives)
1891218 2009-02-26T19:19:58Z Davidgothberg Using (abusing?) standard category suppression to suppress the NOEDITSECTION. So it works with for instance {{tlrow}}. And some other minor fixes. See talk page.
1891217 2008-09-20T08:32:32Z Luna Santin updating to use tmbox
1891216 2008-09-08T21:00:34Z Jc37 cat
1891215 2008-07-22T18:23:20Z RockMFR fix
1891214 2008-07-22T18:22:42Z RockMFR only rm user talk!
1891213 2008-07-15T14:32:37Z Kbdank71 [[Wikipedia:Categories for discussion/Log/2008 July 9|CFD 2008 Jul 9]]
1891212 2008-05-11T04:22:21Z RockMFR all fixed now
1891211 2008-05-08T22:53:01Z RockMFR don't include ones already fixed
1891210 2008-05-08T17:10:41Z RockMFR changing to internal link per talk page, temp cat to catch broken usage
1891209 2008-03-30T14:37:51Z Misza13 Unreverting the useful part of Animum's edit (this matters on archives on deeper subpage levels)
1891208 2008-03-10T03:37:56Z Centrx It is not "if you please"; edits to the contents of the page are bad and need to be reverted
1891207 2008-02-24T20:37:47Z Animum fix since {{BASEPAGENAME}} stopped working for no apparent reason
1891206 2008-02-20T06:15:19Z Od Mishehu Making message a bit more polite per talk page {{[[template:Editprotected|editprotected]]
1891205 2008-01-16T02:03:19Z MZMcBride Fixed breakage in new parser.
993776 2007-10-05T12:54:25Z Darklama using a svg icon instead
984988 2007-09-26T14:49:58Z Mike.lifeguard tweak
1891204 2007-09-22T03:10:57Z MZMcBride switched to /doc, +protection tag
1891203 2007-09-22T03:09:46Z MZMcBride Protected Template:Talkarchive: high-use, high-risk template [edit=sysop:move=sysop]
960675 2007-09-07T13:35:03Z Mike.lifeguard remove categories
960674 2007-09-07T13:34:23Z Mike.lifeguard WP-->WB
1891202 2007-08-18T14:32:05Z Meno25 +ar
1891201 2007-08-15T00:50:18Z imported>CO noeditsection
1891200 2007-08-06T12:17:06Z imported>The-G-Unit-Boss Old image was better
1891199 2007-08-03T16:21:21Z imported>Caulde vector image.
1891198 2007-07-27T09:17:54Z Huji interwiki
921896 2007-07-12T15:17:49Z Mike.lifeguard create interwiki link
1891197 2007-06-27T09:34:54Z Od Mishehu rm __NOEDITSECTION__ - it's getting in the way of me updating links to archived talks - many of which are on pages which transclude this template
1891196 2007-06-21T22:12:37Z imported>N96 adding icon parameter
1891195 2007-06-21T22:11:02Z imported>N96
1891194 2007-06-21T22:09:17Z imported>N96 adding style parameter
1891193 2007-06-18T04:34:26Z Mets501 reverting; this template is not only used on userpages
1891192 2007-06-18T04:30:29Z imported>Cumbrowski userpage template added (shown at the bottom of the page)
1891191 2007-06-18T04:14:20Z imported>Cumbrowski ..with user '''Username''' added. see talk page
1891190 2007-05-10T15:11:50Z Pagrashtak /* See also */ add to see also
1891189 2007-05-06T15:24:12Z Pedist zh:Template:Talkarchive
1891188 2007-04-22T16:31:01Z Avraham Replacing with SVG
1891187 2007-04-17T15:25:08Z Gurch not currently protected
1891186 2007-04-15T00:56:09Z Centrx Unprotected Template:Talkarchive: It's used on archived talk pages, and is not a target of vandalism
1891185 2007-04-05T00:39:34Z Mdd4696 Do not subst this template
1891184 2007-04-04T14:37:53Z AzaToth As this is the only road to the categories, I suggest taking it up on [[WP:CFD]] first.
1891183 2007-04-04T08:43:07Z Jc37 removed bloated categories
763305 2007-02-22T04:24:04Z Bpogi~enwikibooks New page: {| class="messagebox standard-talk" |- | [[Image:Vista-file-manager.png|50px|Archive]] | This is an '''[[Wikipedia:How to archive a talk page|archive]]''' of past discussions. '''Do not ed...
1891182 2007-02-11T02:28:39Z David Kernow~enwikibooks updating link using [[Project:AWB|AWB]]
1891181 2007-01-26T22:57:42Z Centrx The old image is fine and is better at conveying meaning. This is an encyclopedia, not a video game with shiny blue artifacts
1891180 2007-01-21T23:49:00Z Mets501 better image
1891179 2006-12-29T18:18:43Z David Levy per talk page, added bold text
1891178 2006-12-26T23:29:25Z David Levy Reverted. Please see the talk page. "Liking something better" is *not* a valid reason to override a [[Wikipedia:Talk page templates|formal Wikipedia guideline]].
1891177 2006-12-26T18:45:46Z Mets501 I like the lighter color better, darker seems too...instrusive
1891176 2006-12-26T12:54:51Z David Levy talk page coloring
1891175 2006-12-23T14:49:45Z Gurch {{[[Template:hprotected|hprotected]]}}
1891174 2006-12-23T14:49:25Z Gurch Protected Template:Talkarchive: It's used on nearly 15,000 pages now; I think that warrants full protection [edit=sysop:move=sysop]
1891173 2006-12-15T11:33:17Z Luna Santin Protected Template:Talkarchive: High-use [edit=autoconfirmed:move=autoconfirmed]
1891172 2006-12-07T05:59:32Z Srleffler rv change in link to current. Change breaks the template for permalink archives. See talk.
1891171 2006-12-06T16:45:13Z AzaToth optional params thou
1891170 2006-12-06T16:42:57Z AzaToth #rel2abs
1891169 2006-11-17T08:23:31Z +bg
1891168 2006-07-23T22:50:30Z imported>Kotepho rv self, I'm done for now. Will continue discussion
1891167 2006-07-23T19:47:46Z imported>Kotepho kill __NOEDITSECTION__ again, trying to remove fair use images from talk archives and it is being a pain in the ass
1891166 2006-06-28T15:52:23Z Mets501 rvv NOEDITSECTION is there so that you don't attempt to edit an archive
1891165 2006-06-28T15:09:47Z imported>Kotepho rm no edit section magic word; it is just annoying
1891164 2006-06-25T09:40:17Z AzaToth Reverted [[Wikipedia:Vandalism|vandalism]] by [[Special:Contributions/Wikwobble|Wikwobble]] to last version by RJN. Please do not compromise the integrity of pages.
1891163 2006-06-25T09:14:21Z imported>Wikwobble
1891162 2006-06-25T08:57:43Z imported>RJN Reverted edits by [[Special:Contributions/Wikwobble|Wikwobble]] ([[User_talk:Wikwobble|talk]]) to last version by Centrx
1891161 2006-06-25T08:48:07Z imported>Wikwobble
1891160 2006-06-25T08:46:03Z imported>Wikwobble
1891159 2006-06-19T04:48:52Z Centrx explicitly: Do not edit contents
1891158 2006-06-14T18:38:45Z Avraham /* See also */ end ]]'s
1891157 2006-06-14T18:38:01Z Avraham Category:General talk header templates
1891156 2006-06-11T16:12:35Z Gurch sort key for category, so it sorts by base page name -- this way, the category will be browseable with a TOC rather than having them all under "T"
1891155 2006-05-29T16:27:42Z Mdd4696 Converting link into full URL to work with oldid archives
1891154 2006-05-29T16:22:17Z Mdd4696 Restoring talk link. BASEPAGENAME bug has now been fixed.
1891153 2006-05-24T00:18:55Z Mdd4696 De-linkifying current talk page until BASEPAGENAME is fixed for old revisions.... once it is, add the following: [[{{{1|{{TALKSPACE}}:{{BASEPAGENAME}}}}}|current talk page]]
1891152 2006-05-23T23:51:39Z Mdd4696 rv to my last edit... I've tested the type of situation cited in the previous rv, and I think it worked fine.
1891151 2006-05-23T21:40:06Z Mets501 replace main with current
1891150 2006-05-23T16:12:54Z Srleffler rv. Link created by last edit is broken under some circumstances (e.g. on user talk archives made using article history rather than subpages.)
1891149 2006-05-20T04:45:26Z Mdd4696 Fixing NOEDITSECTION bug I introduced
1891148 2006-05-20T04:38:41Z Mdd4696 Modifying for new categorization scheme
1891147 2006-05-18T16:48:10Z Richardshusr Copyediting
1891146 2006-05-14T23:11:06Z Mets501 Revert to revision 52749376 using [[:en:Wikipedia:Tools/Navigation_popups|popups]]
1891145 2006-05-14T23:09:23Z Mets501 wikilink main talk page
1891144 2006-05-11T23:48:00Z Exploding Boy~enwikibooks
1891143 2006-05-03T21:58:42Z GrantNeufeld added noeditsection keyword to reduce the temptation to edit archived pages
1891142 2006-05-03T09:25:01Z Richardshusr Changed "former" to "past" - picky, I know but it's better English
1891141 2006-04-09T07:36:22Z Francis Schonken wording tweak
1891140 2006-01-26T19:33:35Z AzaToth
1891139 2006-01-24T05:06:05Z AzaToth
1891138 2006-01-07T16:17:21Z Jiy~enwikibooks Redesigned
1891137 2005-08-15T05:40:36Z Loganberry~enwikibooks there is no apostrophe in possessive "its"
1891136 2005-08-01T04:54:09Z Jtkiefer~enwikibooks fixed to current template
1891135 2005-08-01T04:52:40Z Jtkiefer~enwikibooks created page
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