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සැකිල්ල:To do/edithistory

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3947601 2021-07-24T12:55:59Z 2005-Fan margin change
3921732 2021-07-11T19:13:50Z 2005-Fan 2005-Fan moved page [[Template:Todo]] to [[Template:To do]]: spaced like the wikipedia one. leaving redirect behind
3921729 2021-07-11T19:12:28Z 2005-Fan
3921728 2021-07-11T19:12:09Z 2005-Fan includeonly & added hidden cat akin to Wikipedia's: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Wikipedia_pages_with_to-do_lists
3836644 2021-05-17T12:10:58Z Tacsipacsi move category and interlanguage link to the documentation subpage, remove useless {{[[template:clear|clear]]}}
3815503 2021-03-04T08:55:11Z Mrjulesd Rejected the last text change (by [[Special:Contributions/|]]) and restored revision 2458775 by Ftiercel
3815481 2021-03-04T03:49:00Z
2458775 2012-12-11T20:04:37Z Ftiercel Fix the model.
2458428 2012-12-11T13:34:28Z Sidelight12
2346962 2012-05-15T08:44:07Z Liam987 Allow changing of background color, title, and removed default text ("todonote")
2182759 2011-10-15T03:59:16Z Adrignola no cat
1870047 2010-06-30T22:03:17Z Darklama fix
1870043 2010-06-30T22:00:10Z Darklama wrap example around all cats
1617929 2009-08-28T14:00:28Z Adrignola Removed non-specified category - will put in book's to-do category if not specified
1617924 2009-08-28T13:58:28Z Adrignola Fixed second parameter.
1617439 2009-08-27T19:50:19Z Panic2k4 restored corners
1613632 2009-08-21T14:21:52Z Adrignola Fixed category code for example usage
1607564 2009-08-15T12:15:49Z Adrignola Using original ROOTBOOKNAME now that it has been modified for additional functionality
1607532 2009-08-15T11:29:00Z Mjchael ROOTBOOKNAME2 = ROOTBOOKNAME include artikelspace user
1607135 2009-08-14T08:09:46Z Mjchael syntayfix
1606743 2009-08-13T18:37:05Z Mjchael syntayfix
1606682 2009-08-13T17:59:37Z Mjchael [[category:TODO/{{ROOTBOOKNAME}}|{{PAGENAME}}]] added
1606676 2009-08-13T17:51:41Z Adrignola Fixed second parameter again.
1606674 2009-08-13T17:49:45Z Adrignola Added if statement for second parameter
1606661 2009-08-13T17:18:23Z Mjchael test
1548419 2009-06-25T20:18:07Z Adrignola Removed overcategorization
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710693 2007-01-07T08:28:23Z Darklama [[Template:TODO]] moved to [[Template:Todo]]: so capitalization isn't required.
706522 2007-01-03T00:58:09Z Az1568 Reverted edit of [[Special:Contributions/Der Ziege|Der Ziege]], changed back to last version by Herbythyme
706510 2007-01-03T00:55:03Z Der Ziege
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