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3454749 2018-08-28T21:50:19Z WOSlinker fix bold
1896551 2010-07-21T02:52:34Z Adrignola fixed category
1896550 2010-07-21T02:51:47Z Adrignola no point in linking to a historical project page
1772564 2010-04-24T14:51:40Z Adrignola msg -> text parameter
1548471 2009-06-25T21:17:46Z Adrignola Removed broken link to deleted template.
1548457 2009-06-25T21:04:36Z Adrignola Removed overcategorization and fixed sort key.
1392042 2009-01-29T17:26:19Z Darklama this page or set of pages -> this work
1392039 2009-01-29T17:23:40Z Darklama reworded a bit, use collapsible box
1242903 2008-07-30T14:22:37Z Darklama rm {{alphabetical}}
1242695 2008-07-30T05:26:25Z Dallas1278
1199395 2008-06-01T12:46:12Z RamaccoloBot robot Adding: [[it:Template:Transwiki]]
1196510 2008-05-29T07:13:53Z Gbaor cat.
1128826 2008-03-03T01:35:25Z Mike.lifeguard use example parameter instead
972552 2007-09-19T13:51:08Z Darklama +missing |
972540 2007-09-19T13:42:12Z Whiteknight rewording
972539 2007-09-19T13:40:39Z Whiteknight grammar
972538 2007-09-19T13:39:18Z Darklama using mbox for consistency and changed wording some and included optional reason
962709 2007-09-09T14:15:09Z Darklama don't include in transwiki cat if in WB namespace
962693 2007-09-09T13:38:34Z Darklama reworded and cleaned up. included link to discussion page and suggestion to consider that pages which are not outside WB's scope are unlikely to be deleted
710442 2007-01-07T01:19:06Z Iamunknown +see also to template modification
680528 2006-12-10T16:11:05Z Swift Added [[Category:Wikibooks maintenance]] and <includeonly> and <noinclude>
462781 2006-05-20T18:36:19Z Jguk amend to cover cases where Wikimedia does not have an appropriate project
412943 2006-03-29T11:16:20Z Jguk
295556 2005-12-01T03:15:38Z Kernigh [[Wikibooks:Pages to be transwikied|transwikied out of the English Wikibooks]]
197009 2005-07-27T00:52:10Z Aya added div and param
179693 2005-06-15T04:14:44Z KelvSYC
140403 2005-06-15T04:11:17Z KelvSYC
"https://si.wikibooks.org/w/index.php?title=සැකිල්ල:Transwiki/edithistory&oldid=15354" වෙතින් සම්ප්‍රවේශනය කෙරිණි