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oldid date/time username edit summary
4271498 2023-04-02T11:29:45Z Leaderboard Leaderboard moved page [[Transwiki:Var]] to [[Template:Var]] without leaving a redirect: fixing broken import
4271030 2023-04-02T11:23:28Z Leaderboard 15 revisions imported from [[:w:Template:Var]]
4271029 2017-12-21T13:31:52Z Izno nix xml lang invocation
4271028 2015-10-05T06:38:04Z SMcCandlish leaner
4271027 2015-07-19T17:05:44Z SMcCandlish Using Edokter's version of the sandbox. It's less even an effect at larger font sizes, but sufficient to prevent characters actually fusing or overlapping, which is the central problem.
4271026 2015-07-19T08:07:12Z Edokter This is a font problem; using the same font is different browsers will yield the same results. If this problem is common enough, then this needs a solution in Common.css.
4271025 2015-07-19T05:24:00Z SMcCandlish Tested this into the ground. Fixes Chrome, Safari, etc., legibility problem, w/o introducing any for FF or IE, etc. No effect on Konq either way. Tested on Mac, several Win, CentOS, Ubuntu, Android, iOS, OpenBSD, in multi. browsers and font situations.
4271024 2015-07-19T03:44:31Z SMcCandlish self-rv; will re-test in more browsers, but I already did 8 of them.
4271023 2015-07-19T03:32:43Z SMcCandlish The browser doesn't handle it; that's the whole point. I know what I'm doing. This template (like bare <var>) has legibility problems in several browsers. If you can identify a specific problem with the edit, pls. use talk page to do so.
4271022 2015-07-18T22:32:33Z Nakon Protected Template:Var: [[WP:High-risk templates|Highly visible template]] ([Edit=Allow only template editors and admins] (indefinite) [Move=Allow only template editors and admins] (indefinite))
4271021 2015-07-18T21:51:01Z Edokter Undid revision 672027490 by [[Special:Contributions/SMcCandlish|SMcCandlish]] ([[User talk:SMcCandlish|talk]]) Let the browser handle this
4271020 2015-07-18T18:50:54Z SMcCandlish tiny hint of kerning to compensate for the italicization
4271019 2011-08-16T00:49:38Z SMcCandlish xhtml validity fix
4271018 2011-08-16T00:44:45Z SMcCandlish like all the other tag templates of this sort, it should support basic XHTML attributes
4271017 2011-06-19T18:46:14Z SMcCandlish closing noinclude tag
4271016 2008-09-14T07:51:02Z SMcCandlish Template content moved from [[Template:VAR]] (copy-paste move w/ no GFDL consequences, as I was sole editor of VAR).
4271015 2008-09-14T07:48:49Z SMcCandlish moved [[Template:Var]] to [[Template:Wikivar]]: Moving very disused template to equally sensible name to make room for template that may be used in thousands of math and CS articles.
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