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සැකිලි සාකච්ඡාව:Increase

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977452711 2020-09-08T22:54:27Z Sdkb adding size parameter, per talk
729438031 2016-07-12T05:59:35Z Andy M. Wang sandbox sync per [[Template_talk:Increase#Title attributes edit request|edit request]] on talk (simplify title attribute)
627182169 2014-09-26T17:37:36Z HJ Mitchell Changed protection level of Template:Increase: reduce to TE per request at RfPP ([Edit=Allow only template editors and admins] (indefinite) [Move=Allow only template editors and admins] (indefinite))
527538566 2012-12-11T14:46:34Z Thumperward bah
527538442 2012-12-11T14:45:28Z Thumperward add support for using this as a wrapper
512230939 2012-09-13T19:11:57Z MSGJ add tooltip, per request
395537151 2010-11-08T13:09:08Z MSGJ replace unicode symbol with icon for improved accessibility, per request
388685746 2010-10-04T14:24:34Z WOSlinker remove {{pp-template}}
229707828 2008-08-04T04:17:02Z RockMFR {{documentation}}
188946037 2008-02-04T02:59:15Z Denelson83 Changing over to Unicode
123801102 2007-04-18T13:17:30Z CBM change to pp-template
115878987 2007-03-17T21:58:16Z Daniel New .svg, PER, see talk
105745556 2007-02-05T06:24:09Z David Kernow trying darker green arrow (hopefully more visible against white background)
105743761 2007-02-05T06:08:21Z David Kernow {{protected2}}
105743560 2007-02-05T06:06:28Z David Kernow updating /doc transclusion
105707902 2007-02-05T02:24:12Z David Kernow moved [[Template:Profit]] to [[Template:Increase]]: Per [[Template talk:Profit#Rename...?|here]]
97940332 2007-01-02T13:59:43Z Ligulem Protected Template:Profit: fairly high use [edit=sysop:move=sysop]
97940233 2007-01-02T13:58:46Z Ligulem [[Wikipedia:Template doc page pattern]]
77707879 2006-09-25T12:14:10Z +fr:
48332886 2006-04-13T21:32:02Z Jareha Add content from {{loss}}.
41722184 2006-03-01T07:55:51Z Trisreed
41231278 2006-02-25T23:13:25Z Trisreed
41231137 2006-02-25T23:12:23Z Trisreed
41230847 2006-02-25T23:10:24Z Trisreed
41229522 2006-02-25T23:00:40Z Trisreed
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