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සැකිලි සාකච්ඡාව:Key press

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2001075 2010-12-15T20:30:52Z Adrignola rm overload parameter
2000981 2010-12-15T20:13:09Z Adrignola 25 revisions from [[:w:Template:Key press]]: needed for help documentation; may be useful elsewhere
2000980 2010-11-03T01:09:23Z Edokter Undid revision 394483320 by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) Limit to five
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2000974 2010-01-13T16:02:25Z imported>Lagrini99 lagrini99
2000973 2009-03-23T17:18:08Z Davidgothberg Found a page showing a 4 key combination. So making this template handle 5 to have some margin.
2000972 2009-03-23T16:14:22Z Davidgothberg Moving the repetitive code to /core instead. (Not using [[Template:Keypress/Switch]] anymore.) Adding error logging if too many parameters are used, so we can find and fix those cases.
2000971 2009-03-21T01:31:28Z AzaToth updated style to used outset style; added class keyboard-key as well, and have added same style config to common.css; in time, the style attribute herein can be removed.
2000970 2009-02-11T10:42:31Z imported>Random user 8384993 added {{Keypress/Switch}} which automatically adds unicode characters when possible
2000969 2009-01-17T16:23:25Z Obersachse [[WP:UNDO|Undid]] revision 264686225 by [[Special:Contributions/Obersachsebot|Obersachsebot]] ([[User talk:Obersachsebot|talk]])
2000968 2009-01-17T16:22:18Z Obersachsebot robot Adding: de, eo, es, fr, hsb, hu, ja, ko, pt, ru
2000967 2009-01-03T04:55:26Z Flaming delete linebreak
2000966 2009-01-03T04:54:42Z Flaming add +'s
2000965 2009-01-03T04:37:16Z Anomie Fix displaying of unused keys
2000964 2009-01-03T03:57:10Z Flaming correct color issue
2000963 2009-01-03T03:44:58Z Flaming change to make compatibility for more than 1 thingy
2000962 2008-01-10T01:40:17Z Edokter I'm seeing keys cut in half.
2000961 2008-01-10T01:36:53Z Edokter <small> does not scale very well, replaced with font-size.
2000960 2007-12-26T04:43:36Z Dispenser Optimized CSS, added /doc tag
2000959 2007-11-17T11:53:15Z 16@r {{documentation}}
2000958 2007-09-09T16:24:06Z Animum Ugh. This is _en_wiki, not _de_wiki
2000957 2007-09-09T16:22:49Z Mysid more translation
2000956 2007-09-09T16:21:40Z Mysid Copying a keypress template from de:
"https://si.wikibooks.org/w/index.php?title=සැකිලි_සාකච්ඡාව:Key_press&oldid=19751" වෙතින් සම්ප්‍රවේශනය කෙරිණි