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ප්‍රවර්ගය:සදොස් ආරක්ෂණ සැකිලි අඩංගු විකිපොත් පිටු

Wikibooks වෙතින්

New Pages New pages are sometimes vandalism, mistakes, copyright violations, nonsense, or otherwise not suitable for Wikibooks. For vandalism, nonsense and test edits, mark pages with {{delete|reason}}. For copyright violations, use {{copyvio|source}}. For mistakes, use {{query}}. For content that belongs on another wiki, use {{transwiki|Wiki}}. Users with experience patrolling may request patroller rights.
Uploads     Look through the recent uploads for copyright violations and media without license information. Add {{copyvio|source}} to copyvios; warn the uploader with {{subst:nothanks|page|~~~~}}. For media without license info, add {{subst:nld}}, and use the template code provided to warn them.
Vandalism  Look for vandalism in RC; fix it and warn the user. Large or tiny additions or deletions, replacing the page, and strange or offensive edit summaries are giveaways. Anon users are often the worst vandals. If there is repeated vandalism by one user, or lots of vandalism from many users, tell an admin on-wiki or in #wikibooks (say !admin@enbooks to get attention). Experienced vandal fighters may request rollback rights.
Redirects   To fix double redirects, make the first in the chain point to the last in the chain. All redirects should point to the current location of the content. To fix broken redirects, check if the page at the location that doesn't exist was moved elsewhere; if so, redirect to that location. If the target page is gone, or if you can create an orphan while fixing double redirects, then tag the orphan redirect with {{delete|orphan redirect}}.


These pages are automatically listed here, using the {{PROTECTIONLEVEL}} magic word, when their protection status does not correspond with the protection template used on them.

  1. Remove any incorrect or expired protection templates from the page
  2. Often, a page will not contain the invalid protection template directly, but rather will inherit it from a template which is transcluded on it. This often happens when the template is protected, but the protection template used for that template is not wrapped in <noinclude>...</noinclude> tags. To fix this problem:
    1. if the template uses either {{documentation}} or {{collapsible option}}, that will display any lock icon that is appropriate, so simply remove the protection template;
    2. otherwise, move the protection template within <noinclude></noinclude> tags, as in this example.
      Note that the pages that link to the template via transclusion will not be removed from this category immediately, depending on the job queue, but it should resolve itself automatically. Alternatively, you can null edit the page for immediate results.
    3. if the page is a redirect on which the {{Redirect category shell}} template is transcluded, check the expiry date to see if protection expires later that same day. If the expiry date is the same day, then the redirect will automatically fall out of this category later that day. If the expiry date is not the same day, then a null edit should fix the situation.
  3. If a page has the correct template yet still appears in this category, it could be a problem with the |expiry= parameter of the protection template. Nowadays, the actual expiry time is automatically detected, so the remedy for problems like this is to remove the |expiry= parameter. Historically, the cause could be one or more of:
    1. the wrong date format was used
    2. it indicates a date in the past (commonly encountered when protection expires and is later reinstated without updating the protection template)
    3. it has the correct date but lacks a time - dates without times are treated as midnight
  4. If the page contains the correct protection template in a proper date format but is still in this category, a null edit should fix the situation.

"සදොස් ආරක්ෂණ සැකිලි අඩංගු විකිපොත් පිටු" ප්‍රවර්ගයට අයත් පිටු

මෙම ප්‍රවර්ගය සතු සමස්ත පිටු 5 අතර, පහත දැක්වෙන පිටු 5 ද වෙති.