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This page describes the rudiments of adding books to Wikibooks Stacks. If you are still uncertain, ask at Wikibooks:Reading room/Assistance.

Adding books to Wikibooks Stacks[සංස්කරණය]

  1. Add the CCO Resources to the title page of the book, for example named Example book
  2. Name all the pages of the book in accordance with the naming policy; pages of the book must be named Example book/Subpage name, with Example book and Subpage name replaced with the correct names. Add the template {{BookCat}} at the bottom of all the pages of the book, except for the title page.
  3. Create the category page for the book. For example, for the book Example book, the category page would be titled Category:Book:Example book
  4. Add the templates {{Book category header}} and {{BookCat}} to the category page for the book.
  5. Any subcategories should be subpages of this category, for example Category:Book:Example book/Subcategory name, with Example book and Subcategory name replaced with the correct names.

Adding book-specific templates[සංස්කරණය]

  1. See Help:Templates for an introduction to templates, and Wikibooks:Templates for a list of general templates. But you may wish to create a book-specific templates, that will only be used in your particular book. For an example, see the Calculus book templates.
  2. Book-specific templates should be named Template:Example book/Template name, with Example book and Template name replaced with the correct names.
  3. Add <noinclude>{{BookCat}}</noinclude> to the template page to categorize. If the template is incorrectly named, <noinclude>[[{{BOOKCATEGORY|Example book}}/Templates|{{PAGENAME}}]]</noinclude> will be needed instead, with Example book replaced with the correct name.
  4. Create the page Category:Book:Example book/Templates, replacing Example book with the book name, and add {{Book item category header}} to this page.

See also[සංස්කරණය]

As well as the linked pages above, these pages below give a more in-depth description of the process.

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