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(විකිපොත්:Templates වෙතින් යළි-යොමු කරන ලදි)

Templates are used on pages to create a standard presentation or as a short-hand for complex markup. This page offers a gateway to general templates to be used for various purposes throughout Wikibooks.

All templates should be filed in sub-categories of Category:Templates:


Book information
Scope, level, etc.
General formatting
Books should cite sources where possible. Wikibooks has a number of templates that reference sources and simplify referring to them.
There are a small number of templates to link to other books and our sister projects.
Here you will find generic navigation templates, both for modules in a book, and sections on modules.
This page lists license templates that comply with Wikibooks' media policy and templates for embedding media on pages.
Lists links to media files


Useful templates for maintaining books (quality notices, refactoring, etc)
Licensing issues notices
Notices and warnings for copyrights issues.
Notices for deletion, and describing the discussion results.
Stub sorting.

Wikibooks community

User messages
Welcome templates and other messages.
User notices
Conduct and content warnings.
User pages
User page contents. Copyright statements, userboxes and such.
For use on talk pages, in the reading room, etc.
Featured books
Nomination, labeling, removal.
Policies and guidelines
Templates related to policies and guidelines

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